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I have to say that our proud side is still very simple, although it has been the boss of one side, but it has hardly been in and out of such romantic occasions, and Chen Yujie's Nighthawk has never encountered such a situation, nor can we blame him for being rare and strange. How interesting. You are so funny. "" The woman laughed happily. " I don't think it's funny. "" Fang was puzzled. Ao Fang is even more baffling. The son looked up and down Ao Fang, look so handsome, impossible? What? Haha, I didn't expect to meet a girl who said something that made Aofangfan confused, as if he was talking about himself, but how could he not understand it for a long time? I don't know what you're talking about. "" Ao Fang picked up the blue flirtatious from the bartender and took a sip. It tastes good, but it's not as refreshing as liquor, and it's not as fragrant as alcohol. Ha ha, since came, let elder sister me love you well tonight? The woman suddenly reached out and touched Ao Fang's thigh. A clever one. Ao Fang almost waved the glass away from his hand. "What will you do?". Ha ha, you are so handsome,wire mesh decking, my sister is moved. "" The woman looks very open, and what she says is more and more explicit. Who is Ao Fang. If so, you can't hear the clue. That's really a waste of life. I'm sorry, I think you'd better find someone else, I'm not good at this! Ao Fang meandered and refused. Yo, you come here and still pretend to be innocent? The woman winked constantly. The body is still leaning on the proud side,heavy duty cantilever racks, and everything is challenging the tolerance limit of the side. You'd better find someone else. I'm just here to drink. Ha ha, drank wine to just have emotional appeal, don't you think I am not beautiful? The woman seems to have completely regarded the people around her as transparent. The body had already leaned on Ao Fang's body, and the two soft masses on his chest were pressing on Ao Fang's body. Ao Fang pushed the woman away, "Please show some respect, I am not the kind of person you think.". I threw myself into my arms. I didn't expect the handsome man in front of me to be so confused. If you weren't so handsome, would I be like this? The woman cast a bitter look to Ao Fang. Ao Fang turned his head away. He paid no more attention to her. Uh Ao Fang suddenly felt an inexplicable breath behind him. Miss. People are not interested in you, I do not know if I have a chance. Go to Sika Gongjiu and Jinshu to read books. The woman turned around and looked. A Western man with blond hair and blue eyes stood behind him, looking like a standard Western handsome man. Looked at the person in front of her, a kind face, and looked at Ao Fang, industrial racking systems ,mobile racking systems, the woman naturally chose the Western handsome man in front of her. Looking at the woman stroking the Western handsome man's hand to leave the direction, Ao Fang's face emerged a curious smile, just that inexplicable breath is from the Western man, that breath is different from the Chinese martial arts breath. It is not the breath of the true cultivator, but there is a kind of magic in it, which arouses the interest of the proud side, so the Western man in the corner will be locked with divine consciousness. Shortly afterwards, the woman and the Western man walked out of the bar. Ao Fang also came out. The Western man hugged the woman, seemed to be drunk, and waddled as he walked. As they walked, they turned into a dark alley. This is a secluded corner, where the street lights do not shine, and the moon in the sky is completely covered by dark clouds. However, the darkness did not have any impact on Aofang, hiding his breath, keeping a distance, Aofang followed the two into the depths of the alley. Jin Shu went to Wanshu Yingqu Yezui to read. At this time, a woman's charming voice came from the alley. Don't be in such a hurry. It's very close to the street. What are you afraid of? Wouldn't that be more exciting? 。 The two men kissed passionately. Moments later, the woman's panting sounded, and there was a comfortable moan. At this time, Aofang saw that the man was kissing the woman's neck, the mouth seemed to have something flashing, and then heard a deep cry from the woman. Then, soon, the woman's neck tilted to one side, and then lay motionless in the arms of the Western man. In order to find out what happened to the man. Ao Fang walked in slowly. Uh
"As soon as Fang took a step, the Western man noticed the movement, turned his head, two fangs full of blood on his mouth, and a pair of eyes glowing red in the dark were shining." Is this the legendary blood vampire? Ao Fang thought. Then look at the woman who had just accosted Ao Fang, who had two more tooth holes in her neck and had lost her life. The man of the blood clan loosened his hands, licked the blood at the corners of his mouth, and looked at the young man who found his secret but had a calm face. You see things you shouldn't. "" Western men speak very standard Mandarin. " Is it? Why do you think this is something I shouldn't see? Fang smiled and said, without the slightest nervousness. You are the first person who can see my true face and still be so calm. I'm afraid you haven't met before, have you? What are you doing with me? When I was in the bar just now, I felt that you had a special breath on your body. I was curious for a moment,heavy duty rack manufacturers, so I followed you to have a look. I didn't expect that I found the legendary vampire clan. "" Ao Fang laughed. " Qing called me the blood clan, the vampire so vulgar title can only be used in the lower blood clan members! The two of them chatted like friends, as if they had forgotten that there was a man lying on the ground who had just died. jracking.com