What Defines a Machine Shop?

Welcome to our first blog post! To start things off, we're keeping it simple! There are some people who think the definition of "machine shop" is literally where a machine is produced.  But we all know that couldn't be farther from the truth.  To make it simple, a machine shop is defined as a place, location, building, company or room where machining is done. To be a little more specific, machining is defined as cutting of raw materials to convert them into a desired size and shape. Machining can be done metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, and other composites.  The work is done by a machinist, using hand, power, and machine tools.  A machinist fashions parts for other industries or individuals.  Examples of industries that rely on machined parts:  aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and farming, to name just a few. A typical machine shop will have this equipment for machining parts: Milling machine CNC Lathe Grinding machine Drill press Welders Mac…
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