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In order to ensure that the bridgehead of the terrain under their control, Gao Yingxi has always been reluctant to retreat fighting to now, Dongying people have died nearly five hundred people, and Song soldiers also have nearly half fell to the ground. They were still fighting, the fresh limbs cut off by the long knife were still chouching, and the torsos pierced by the pike were still wriggling on the ground. A Song soldier fell beside Gao Yingxi, spitting blood foam in his mouth and staring at Gao Yingxi, as if he wanted to say something. Gao Yingxi cut down with a knife and killed the Song soldier. It's not cruelty, it's kindness. No one can save him, and he can only feel the pain of death. Chapter 581 push forward, push forward. . Volume II Chapter 581 pushing forward, pushing forward. Chapter 581 push forward, push forward. Shi Kun gasped for breath, and a deep knife mark on the Tu made him unable to move his body, so he could only use his pike desperately to stab the Dongying people who wanted to rush through and kill themselves. When Song Jun, who could still stand, could not maintain the complete formation, they fell faster and faster,outdoor whirlpool tub, and the people around Dongying seemed to see the coming of victory. Only more than sixty people, Gao Yingxi's arm was also severely cut by the other side of a knife. At this critical moment, suddenly there was a cry of Song Jun behind him, and finally a team of Song Jun rushed over. When those Song Jun's shouts came, Gao Yingxi's tired body was out of the last potential in an instant, and their fighting capacity grew in vain. Fujiwara kunzaburo a look at the situation is not right,jacuzzi swim spa, the Song Dynasty troops came, the bridge is not removed, these Song soldiers are not killed. He learned Han culture from an early age, and deeply knew the truth that if he could stay in the green hills, he would not be afraid of no firewood. Hurriedly pulled that Zunren prince: "Your Highness, Song Jun is coming, let's go quickly." Prince Zunren was very angry: "You said that the Song army had come to deliver supplies and asked us to line up to welcome them. As a result, they came to beat us and said that they would let them come and kill them. As a result, there is no chance to tear down the bridge now. Fujiwara Kunzaburo, are you the son of the Song Dynasty?" Fujiwara kunsaburo great anger, do not give this prince any face, a shake off his hand: "Ba Ge Ya Lu you do not go I go." Then he turned around and ran back quickly. Prince Zunren was stunned and ran after him. As soon as the two of them left, where did the rest of the Dongying people have the will to fight? They turned around and fled, Chinese spa manufacturer ,massage bathtub manufacturers, leaving behind more than 500 bodies and more than 100 wounded and lying on the ground. Behind the group of Song Jun rushed over, the number of about three hundred people, the leader of the man looked at the battlefield, immediately came to the front of Gao Yingxi: "Brothers, are you all right?" Gao Yingxi shook his head and said, "It's all right. Let the army come after us. They can't run far." Embarrassed, the general of the Song army said, "We only have these brothers. We can't find our general. I don't know if there are any troops behind us." Gao Yingxi was stunned at first, then smiled bitterly. He understood that his life could be saved this time. It was really very dangerous. If Dongying people have the courage to fight for a while, they may really be finished. The general looked at Gao Yingxi's dozens of scarred Song troops and said nothing more. He patted Gao Yingxi on the shoulder and said, "Brother, I'll leave fifty more men for you. Look at the bridge. I'll continue to bite those guys. Can you show the way to the troops behind?" Gao Yingxi nodded: "I know. Be careful." Shi Kun limped over leaning on his pike. "There are still more than a hundred wounded Japanese soldiers. What should we do?" Gao Yingxi looked at the wounded Japanese soldiers who had fallen to the ground, and his eyes flashed a ferocious God s-: "Cut it all down for me." Song Jun has no complete formation, two days and one night of running so that the entire team pulled into a long front. This situation is expected by Di Qing, he is a man who will fight, he knows that the purpose of his war is to establish a solid bridgehead position, and then slowly move forward.
The key to building a bridgehead is to climb 6 first, and then to prevent the other side from counterattacking, pushing itself into the sea or being trapped on the beach before the forces are deployed. According to the intelligence collected by Chen Shizhong, the number of Japanese troops in Kyushu was about ten thousand, and even if there were some in and out, it would not be more than twenty thousand. So Di Qing was not afraid of the formation of the Song army 1u-n, and took advantage of the enemy's lack of reaction to push forward, so that these Japanese people had no time to assemble. Even if they could not be completely annihilated, they had to retreat and retreat in a hurry. After a day and a night of desperate running, Song Jun opened like a fan in Kyushu. The face of the fan was still expanding. Some of the leading teams had lost their direction because of m-, and had broken away from the original schedule. They did not know where they were now. These m-road people were even more flustered. In a foreign country, they did not know what was going on in front of them, whether there were any comrades behind them, and where the nearest troops were. Even though they were the sharpest soldiers in the Song Dynasty, they were somewhat nervous. Dong Kui stopped in front of a low hill and saw that he was followed by more than a thousand people. He angrily cursed in a low voice: "Damn, Yang Qing, that H & & # 25o; n egg, he knew to let me run forward. Now he doesn't know to shrink into that corner." After he got off the boat, Yang Qing's hand pointed to the northeast, and he rushed in this direction with his troops. Like other teams, degree, degree is what Song Jun has been pursuing these two days. Last night, they used three thousand men to defeat the Japanese general Jiuliu Yingdao's two thousand soldiers. The battle was not very fierce. The enemy they rushed to was not prepared at all. The Song army cut down most of the Dongying people with a charge. Jiuliu Yingdao was beheaded by Dong Kui in bed. Then he chased the routed soldier, has been chasing to this place,hot tub manufacturers, the routed soldier has disappeared, where he is, Dong Kui is not clear. monalisa.com