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After mobilizing the military forces of Xuzhou, he rushed to Pengcheng County. At the same time, yuan tan troops, forcing Zang bully had to make tenacious posture. As a result, unexpectedly make Liu Bei grandly around PengCheng county, wear Taishan county, straight to Qingzhou. At the end of August, Liu Bei arrived in Qingzhou and joined yuan Tan. Throughout August, almost everyone's attention was focused on Liu Bei. Even Cao Cao also seems to have forgotten many internal worries, repeatedly ordered, the mobilization of military forces, trying to stop Liu Bei. Zhong Ji felt relieved and paid less attention to the supervision of the five battalions. It was almost at this time that Cao Cao appointed Shi Zhongxi to pretend to ride a captain and take over the military forces of the riding camp. And Cao Peng's supervision also went to the Changshuiying of Zhongji. The little thief of the Cao family is coming to the inspector general's water camp? Zhong Ji was startled. "The little thief doesn't know anything," he said angrily. "Runan is in a mess now. Why did he come to supervise my Changshuiying?" Chang Shui-cheng, a man in his thirties, could not help smiling bitterly when he heard this. A kind of a captain, according to the order, the north army should first monitor Tun riding camp. But Tun riding camp two days ago with Sikong to Yingchuan, so it's our turn to Changshui camp. "Sikong is not in Xudu?" "Yes, coss Satrap let Liu Bei, Si Kong extremely angry.". General coss has been ordered to YingYin, SiKong personally to dispose of. This document has been reported to a captain yesterday, don't a captain know? Zhong Ji was stunned and frowned. He really didn't notice it. When Liu Bei occupied Zhuyi yesterday, he was overjoyed and very happy,Pallet rack upright, so he got drunk and did not read yesterday's official documents. In that case, the old thief of the Cao family is not in Xu Du. The little thief of the Cao family is even less likely to cause any trouble. When will he come? "Report back to a captain, Cao Zhonghou message, arrived at noon." The editor breathed a sigh of relief. "Isn't that coming soon?" "Yes!" "In that case, let Xiahou Shang temporarily lead the military forces." "Here!" Xiahou Shang, whose courtesy name was Boren, was Xiahou yuan's nephew. He also has an identity, that is, Xiahou really brother. As early as May,Drive in racking system, Xiahou Shang took up the post of Sima of Changshuiying. But all along, Xiahou Shang's performance is not eye-catching. He seems to be a little dull, and he likes to associate with people. At best, it's called arrogance, at worst, it's called arrogance. The performance is very mediocre, and there is no ultra vires behavior. Zhong Ji is basically not wary of Xiahou Shang. But even so, he said let Xiahou still temporarily led military forces, but in fact, did not hand over the tiger amulet. The tiger amulet in hand is a guarantee for the species. At noon, Cao Peng led a hundred flights and arrived at Changshuiying. Long water camp is not stationed in the city of Xu Du, but in a fort outside the city of Xu Du. This is not the north army five battalion dissatisfaction, it is the capital of the city, stationed not too many military forces. Xu is not like the capital of Luoyang, regardless of the area or pattern, it seems a little stingy. In Luoyang, Narrow aisle rack ,Pallet rack beams, the five battalions of the Northern Army were basically stationed in the city. But in Xudu, there are not so many schools. Cao Peng, dressed in a white satin battle robe with broken flowers on the moon, covered with a twisted head, a lion's animal face, and a lion's jade belt around his waist, was majestic. He is much taller than he was at the beginning of the year. Now it is close to 175 or so, showing a heroic spirit. The figure does not look as thin and thin as before, not strong, but it feels very strong. At the end of the will, see kind of a captain. In the hall, Cao Peng handed over his hand to see the ceremony. Zhong Ji laughed and said, "I've heard the name of Cao Eight Hundred for a long time. It's like thunder in my ears. I never thought he would be a magnificent young man.". Sit down, sit down, sit down. Cao Peng was not polite and took a seat in the hall. Xiahou orchid and gan Ning separated behind him, one hundred fly, waiting outside the house. Kind of a captain, let's talk about business first, and then talk about daily life. My purpose today, kind of a captain must have been clear, dare to ask ready? "Oh, kind of learned that Cao Zhonghou came, yesterday will hand over the military power.". But I don't know, where is Cao Zhonghou going to monitor? Kind of some will do their best to cooperate, never make Cao Zhonghou have the slightest bit of embarrassment. Cao Peng smiled, "then please first kind of a captain will be sent to the roster, and then under the tooth goalkeeper, thousands of people came to wait for orders, waiting for the inquiry.".
” "Eh?" Zhong Ji was stunned and blurted out: "This is not in line with the rules." "It's not that the last general doesn't obey the rules," said Cao Peng. To tell you the truth, I think you have heard about the accident that happened before the riding camp. Originally, there was nothing wrong with the roster of the riding camp, but later I found that many dental generals did not know the number of people under their command. Then a monitor, found a lot of problems, this will ride a captain arrest. This is not aimed at anyone, but just in case. A kind of a captain, we all work for your majesty, the north army is your majesty rely on, should be more cautious. Cao Peng said, watertight. Zhong Ji thought about it, but he didn't find any fault. What kind of tricks can a young boy play? When I was an official, you weren't born yet. The tiger charm is in my hand. What am I afraid of you? Thinking of this, Zhong Ji said with a smile, "It's just that, but it's going to make Cao Zhonghou suffer." With these words, he waved his hand to Chang Shuicheng to fetch the roster, and then asked someone to recruit the generals in the camp to the outside of the hall. Cao Peng took over the roster and consulted it very carefully. Moments later, he suddenly frowned, put down the roster in his hand, picked up another volume of the roster, and opened it to consult. Zhong Ji was stunned. "Cao Zhonghou, but what's the problem?" There seems to be something wrong. Can you ask a captain to call in the people outside? I need to ask them face to face. "Uh.." Fine Zhong Ji motioned to Chang Shuicheng to call the people waiting outside the hall into the hall. More than a dozen people stood in the hall,Industrial pallet rack, looking a little crowded. So a few people stepped back and gave up their seats. And where is Xiahou Sima? "He is still in the army." "Can you find him, too?" "Good." Zhong Ji asked Chang Shui Cheng to call Xiahou Shang. Cao Peng took the roster and seemed to ask the goalkeepers very seriously. About the time of a cup of tea, footsteps sounded outside the hall. omracking.com