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"Yes, here's a toast. We'll always be good brothers." Lin Nan spoke at this time. Zhang Yunfei, the least talkative of the five of us, also opened his mouth today. "Boss, I just admire you. You have been like this since you were a child.". I'm glad you're back today. We won't go home without getting drunk tonight. The honest man drank a cup by himself first, put it down and filled it up again. When we saw Zhang Yunfei like this, we all picked up the cups and touched them together. We don't want to say anything at this time. We just want to have a good drink. The four of us went to the brothers and toasted with them! After drinking for a while, someone suggested that we sing. I haven't sung in the game, so I can't make a fool of myself! I asked Lin Nan, who usually loved singing most, to sing, and called him several times before he stood up. I sing an old song for you today. I guess many people don't remember it. The name of the song is brother. Then he looked at the people present and chuckled twice. Gentle wind Sounds like old dreams. It's not that I'm not strong enough. Is reality too rigid? Fish swimming against the current It's a natural destiny. It's not that I won't bow my head. It's the tears that hurt. Forget it If you can It's also a kind of luck. If a person's heart Only one name can be burned. Where are two people going? Hold hands. It's a world. A lifetime What is there to cherish? The vagrant has no luxury in love. Be brothers in this life I will miss you in the afterlife. A drifting river Every night, every night. It's raining Think of you Be brothers in this life I will miss you in the afterlife. Song of the sea Float over and over Echoes in the Dark Listening to this old song, our hearts are very excited. Yes, there is this life to be a brother, there is no afterlife, and I will miss you in the afterlife. That's my brother. That's my brother. We sang together,stainless steel tile edge trim, drank together, and didn't think of it as a game at all, just like reality. The joy in the hearts of the brothers is beyond words. Ever since I played Shinhwa, I have been fighting monsters and equipment. Now that they finally have a day off, they are very satisfied. Their own boss is already their target in the myth. How many times can there be such a drunken dream in life? The most important thing is to cherish the good time in front of us. People in reality are always busy with life, while those of us in the game are working hard to survive better. Who says the world of the game is cruel,tile trim manufacturers, the friendship between our brothers, let us forget the cruelty of the game, only remember that brothers are the most important. Many years later, recalling today's situation of drinking as a song, the brothers still can not help but sigh! Chapter 47 the pursuit of the four famous captors We drank until dawn, and everyone was satisfied. Drinking in the game is not the same as in reality. It is impossible to drink more in the game without getting drunk. In reality, you can drink one catty. In the game, you can drink six catties. It is a ratio of one to six. We're all a little drunk. I'm a little better. The golden elixir works. But I can't bear to drink too much. If I drink too much, I will be dizzy. In our yard, there are wine jars everywhere, and people are lying everywhere. Who's in charge of this yard? Come out. At this moment, a horse stopped at the door, china tile trim ,metal trim manufacturers, and a man who looked like a business trip got down. All five of us, except me, went to play chess with the Duke of Zhou. I stood up, shook my head, and walked out slowly. That man doesn't look very good. His face is full of flesh. He is not a soft character at first sight. His power is 6500, and I'm not afraid of him. I gave him a polite hug and said to him, "I don't know what to teach you."? Which department are you from? This person sees me do not bird him, also do not pester with me much, scold aloud directly: "I ***, what I look for is the person in charge here, come out JB a small role, is this *** not to look down upon me?"? What the hell are you? Tell your steward to come out. As he spoke, he put his hand on his official hat. As soon as I heard that this guy was so rude, I was very angry. Carry the golden elixir, the whole body is golden.
I first gave him a lion roar to the east of the river, and then went up and gave him a kick. Bad luck with the goods. I just kicked him in the groin. I saw this guy's legs first a clip, and then began to dance. I stood on the edge and laughed, and the pedestrians on the road hid far away. The guy danced for five minutes before he stopped. Look at the expression on his face, it's worse than not pulling it out. "Well, if you dare to beat me, I won't cut you into eighteen paragraphs." Then he pulled out his satchel and rushed at me. I saw him like this, as if to me and desperately, I also hurriedly draw out the ink evil, ready to prepare for the posture. Just as he was about to rush in front of me, a horse came and sat on a more senior official. Stop, Niu Si, who told you to do it? With the sound of his voice, the horse came to us. He sat firmly on the horse, with his front hooves raised high. The man spoke in a loud voice, and the guy who confronted him was Niu Si. Hearing his voice, he braked quickly and stopped when he was ten feet away from me. Niu Si looked at me unconvinced and gritted his teeth with hatred. I took back Moxie and stood there quietly, waiting for the man to dismount. The man got off his horse and walked up to me. He folded his fists and said to me, "Let the adults laugh. The younger ones don't know you. I hope you don't get angry.". I am a Chengguan in this area, with the rank of Grade 7. I was in a good mood when I saw this gentle and kind man. I waved my hand to him and said, "Don't mention it. I'm not an adult. I'm just a player." "If you say so, you look down on the little one. You are the big Luo Jinxian appointed by the immortal emperor. The little one dares not disrespect you." He was still bent over, and I knew he was waiting for me to excuse him. I shook my head helplessly and said to him, "Don't be polite. What's your name?" When he heard me say that he should be excused,stainless steel edge trim, he quickly straightened up and said to me, "My Lord, the younger one is called Chui Ming." 。 jecatrims.com