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After closing the door, the room was dark, and as soon as Zhen Tian touched the wall and tried to touch the light switch, he was pulled down by the King of Qin and hugged him around his neck. She was winded by the kiss. Zhen Tian shook her head gently, trying to push the tongue out of her mouth, and her saliva was almost too much to hold. However, the King of Qin took advantage of the situation to hook Zhen Tian's tongue into his mouth, sometimes rubbing it slowly with his teeth, and occasionally pushing it against her palate, which made people unable to close their mouths. Like a double dance step, they hugged each other and stumbled onto the big bed. Zhen Tian only drank a little wine in the evening, which was the "Angel's Kiss" made by the King of Qin. It was much milder than the "Red Lips" she had drunk before, and the staying power was not as strong as the "Red Lips". But now the atmosphere, let alone a little drunk, was not drunk. The lingering kiss for a long time was enough to burn two people. Zhen Tian tonight is wearing a sleeveless round neck dress, outside the small waistcoat as early as in the entrance there was a man took off, do not know where to throw. A few steps away, pulling and pulling, the neckline of the skirt opened very wide, slowly spreading down from the lips with the kiss of the King of Qin. Zhen Tian raised her head, and the neck and collarbone where the kiss fell pulled out sexy lines, and she closed her eyes. Qin Wang hand against Zhen Tian's back, slowly pulled down the zipper of the skirt, as the clothes fade, naked/exposed skin and air suddenly meet,heavy duty warehouse rack, Zhen Tian's body with thin and dense pimples, she shrank her body. Suddenly, the king of Qin mercilessly bit on Zhen Tian's shoulder, that position is Zhen Tian's sensitive point. A little above is the neck, and a little below is the collarbone. Zhen Tian did not hold back, took a breath, very low to hum, but did not push people away. Do not know why, Zhen Tian seems to be able to feel the complex emotions in the man's mouth. The king of Qin bit her so hard that it was the first time he had hurt her in bed. After the initial sharp pain,Drive in racking system, Zhen Tian felt the touch of wet, slippery and rough tongue coating licking back and forth, with some unknown numbness and pleasure, spreading to the whole body. The long-lost touch, even the pain is fascinating. But that place must be broken. When the king of Qin shifted his position to continue to attack the city, Zhen Tian stopped him and gently pushed him away and climbed back to the bedside table. There's a lamp. After the king of Qin was slightly stupefied, he immediately pinched Zhen Tian's waist with both hands, pulled her back, suppressed her with his body, and pulled her skirt down from her chest until it fell to the root of her legs. Fine close kiss also along this path from top to bottom, until the separation of Zhen Tian's legs. At this moment, the coat of the king of Qin is still intact. After a kiss at the root of the woman's leg, the King of Qin threw off his trousers twice, once again covering his petite body, and his legs were entangled with Zhen Tian, some crazily and greedily kissing and licking Zhen Tian's chest with all his strength. From the chest, to the collarbone, long span shelving ,Pallet rack beams, then the neck, the chin, according to the previous order, walked backwards again, all the way up. The tip of the man's tongue slipped, with a long desire and yearning since the separation, and finally stayed on Zhen Tian's lips-a more tender place than sex/love. The king of Qin and Zhen Tian pressed their faces together and felt the wetness on her face. The man's voice was hoarse, with a little smile, and he said, "I haven't seen you for a long time. Baby is more sensitive." Then he deliberately touched the red cherry on her chest with his fingertips. Zhen Tian did not reply, but put his hands around the neck of the King of Qin, stretched out the tip of his tongue, with caution and trembling, licked his lips carefully, slowly explored inside, touched between his teeth, and before he could reach in, he welcomed the tip of the tongue of the King of Qin. The king of Qin was bewitched by Zhen Tian's initiative and kissed harder. But at this time, Zhen Tian's hand slowly slides down the neck of the king of Qin, slides to the man's lean waist, just wants to touch along his clothes to the inside, was grabbed by the king of Qin. The king of Qin took Zhen Tian's hand to a place where he could not be harder, holding her earlobe in his mouth, licking her cochlea and panting, "Baby, take care of my little baby first." Zhen Tian paused, obediently gave up the strength of the struggle, and was taken by the big hand of the King of Qin, touching his little baby. It was obvious that the man's body was slowly tightening with the touch of his fingers.
Zhen Tian's hand slowly covered/handled, but the king of Qin covered her hand and began to speed up the gathering. After the last blow, there was a low groan. I don't know whose it is. Zhen Tian felt the slippery liquid in his hands, somewhat at a loss, and his mind shifted from the upper body of the King of Qin. The king of Qin gave a sullen laugh, and his big hand still did not leave Zhen Tian's small hand. After a short pause, he took his hand and once again stayed in a part that could not be described. This time, this part is Zhen Tian's. There is slippery liquid/body in the hand, the king of Qin in Zhen Tian has not yet come to his senses, with her hand together between her legs, in addition to the liquid in the hand/slippery, that place has been wet/moist with the woman's emotions. After waiting for his sensitive/sensible part to reach into two hands of different sizes, Zhen Tian seemed to have been scalded and immediately pulled his hand back. The king of Qin knew that Zhen Tian would not be able to reply as usual for a while, and that he was not afraid of boiling water. He had come to this step, and when he finished, he would coax together. The king of Qin turned Zhen Tian over and stuffed a pillow into her abdomen. In order to prevent her chest from feeling uncomfortable, Zhen Tian put her body up with both hands. Just as she wanted to turn around and ask what was going on, the man hugged her waist and pressed her back. They had never tried this pose before, and Zhen Tian had always been ashamed to cooperate with the King of Qin, which was a shame to her, but now she was still behind. Zhen Tian can not touch the man's body, can not embrace him feel a little insecure, but the body of the king of Qin, but deep into a certain unspeakable angle. From this angle, it seemed that every time the King of Qin confronted her, he could touch her stomach,Steel racking system, deep and stimulating. Zhen Tian was hit so hard that she trembled all over and her fingers trembled so much that she couldn't grasp the sheets under her body. Can you be gentle? Zhen Tian felt that she was going to cry. The king of Qin hit her hard again, and Zhen Tian clenched her teeth, unable to resist the broken moan/chant that overflowed from her throat with the impact of the man. omracking.com