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"This is still piecework points, but it's not the same as before." He Dongsheng laughed. "In the past, everyone sat down to decide everyone's work points.". Now let Tian Mu give us work points. You look at me, I look at you, no one dares to be the first bird. He Dongsheng glanced around with a smile on his face: "I'm just an idea, and we have to decide whether we agree or not.". If I can't decide tonight, I'll talk about it tomorrow. If it is settled, we will continue to divide into groups and determine the fields that each group is responsible for. From tomorrow morning, work depends on self-consciousness. Anyway, we can't get grain. At that time, the group still can't get work points. The old man squatting in the corner and swatting mosquitoes stood up first and said, "OK, that's settled.". Don't bother. Isn't there 47 households in our production team? Divide into forty-seven groups directly, and the group in the back of the province will have to quarrel again. Others shyly, repeatedly denied: "Do not quarrel, do not quarrel, nothing to quarrel." "Let's settle it tonight." Grandpa's attitude is very firm, "each household is responsible for the field, tomorrow morning to work.". The seedlings that have not been planted well should be replanted quickly,gold CIP machine, and the fertilizer that has not been planted well should be replanted immediately. If we continue to delay, we will still not be able to grow rations after autumn. The crowd burst into laughter, denying again and again in their mouths that they had not planted seedlings well, and that they had planted seedlings steadfastly. Even if you plant it, you may not be able to take root and survive. Baozhen's mother, as the captain of the women's team, quickly stood up and said,coltan ore processing, "No living seedlings have to be replanted immediately." The voice fell, she just reacted to come over, oneself also seemed to express the attitude, agreed to set up this cooperation group. Aunt Zhao quickly shook her head, forget it, just do it. The commune did not say that the production team could not set up a cooperative group. Besides, they used to work in the fields and often several people were responsible for a field in partnership. Now it's just turning temporary into fixed. All right, let's raise our hands. He Dongsheng nodded, "if you have no opinion, then it will be settled tonight." Yu Qiuben thought that this matter would have to be repeated for several days before there would be a conclusion, and he did not want there to be no voice in the yard to express his opposition. So the general meeting of the production team immediately entered the next process and began to allocate the fields under the responsibility of each cooperative group. Tian Yu is also very surprised, she did not expect members to be so welcome to engage in cooperative groups. The production team has 300 mu of farmland, which is near or far from the village, and the location of the canal is also different. It is not easy to divide it into 47 equal parts, small gold wash plant ,Portable gold trommel, so that every household has no opinion. The separation of the two brothers can quarrel enough to go to court in front of the county magistrate. The first pile is the twenty mu experimental field. He Dongsheng raised his head and smiled, "which cooperation group would like to try?"? When the time comes, the fish raised will be handed over to the public and then distributed to the collective, and the rest will be distributed by the cooperative group itself. The money to buy fish fry is included in the work points of the cooperative group, and the money to buy duck fry is included in the public account of the production team. After the duck lays eggs, each duck hands over 100 eggs to the production team every year. I don't care about the rest. Fish feed and duck feed are also the responsibility of the cooperative group itself. Although he offered very generous terms, the members in the courtyard were still hesitant. Raising fish and ducks in the rice fields sounds very fresh, as if they had white fish and duck eggs, but it's really not so simple to raise them. What if the fish and duck get sick? Should the rice be treated with pesticide? What should we do if the rice is eaten up by insects without spraying. But what about poisoning fish and ducks with drugs? Cherries are delicious and trees are hard to plant, but not everyone who eats crabs will not be caught. He Dongsheng glanced around and nodded: "In that case.." Before he had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Baozhen's father: "In that case, our family is responsible for the twenty acres of land." There was an uproar in the yard, and everyone stared at the lieutenant. This is not a good deal. The cherry tree will not bear fruit the first year it is planted. If you do something new for the first time, you will certainly not get a good harvest. Big Father Zhao's attitude is very firm: "OK, there is nothing to delay, so it's settled." "That won't do." Tian Yu is urgent, "we educated youth also want to participate in.".
” The crowd burst into laughter, and some older people teased Mr. Oda: "When the time comes, you have to hand in the grain. What do you want to hand in, Mr. Oda?" Tian Yu gritted his teeth and said, "When the time comes, I won't be able to produce grain. I'll take the rations given to me by the brigade." The commune members in the courtyard laughed even harder, and the farmer who had shouted earlier answered in a loud voice: "OK, when the time comes, you and Dr. Xiaoqiu and Accountant Xiaohu will have a hundred meals in our six teams." With these twenty mu of paddy fields as the first battle, the distribution of land in the future will go much more smoothly. Look, the new peasants and the number one members of the production teams are really not afraid. What are they afraid of? The team committee made a list of names on the spot, and then reported them one by one, and finally some of the remaining fields were directly drawn. The representatives of each family have no opinion about this matter that will affect the livelihood of their whole family. See Yu Qiu and Tian Yu completely shocked, really do not know how to evaluate the farmers straightforward. Baozhen moved to Yu Qiu's side and whispered to her secretly: "When I was a child, every family had a fixed field." Yu Qiu suddenly remembered the corner he had accidentally heard last night. According to what the secretary of the brigade said, he had actually done something similar to distributing farmland to households at the beginning. Later, because of the line struggle, this form was urgently stopped. No wonder everyone has no opinion, because basically they get their own fields. However, in the past few years, the population of each household has changed and adjusted accordingly. So even if this adjustment plan is not perfect, just like the salary increase, there are more and less increases, but anyone with a normal mind knows that it is serious to decide on the salary increase first. Who says farmers are short-sighted? They clearly and quickly grasped the general direction, and did not pull the skin and wrap the essence for three melons and two dates. The line struggle was discussed year after year, month after month, day after day,Carbon in Pulp, and Yu Qiu did not believe that they would not understand that what the production team leader announced tonight was playing the edge ball. But since ancient times, since there are cadres willing to stand up, they want to catch up quickly. ore-magnetic-mining.com