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Liu Yingqi was afraid that the more he said, the worse it sounded. At that time, he hurriedly said, "What can I do for you?"? Please tell me quickly! The man in the fog said, "Yes, we'll talk about it later. It's important to get down to business now." After a pause, he said, "Did your father ever teach you how to practice the Six Arrays?" Liu Yingqi nodded and said, "Yes!" "Good!" The man in the fog laughed and said, "If you try to spread out that kind of formation, the ugly monster won't be able to help you. After a while, Su Banpiao will come and ask you to come up. Don't be nervous about anything. I'll make decisions for you." Liu Yingqi nodded and said, "I obey!" The man in the fog grinned and said, "You didn't have anything to do with this. It was you who waded into this muddy water, but.." She laughed hoarsely, and Liu Yingqi suddenly felt a light hiss in her ear and said, "Boy, there is nothing in the world that is hard in vain.." After this thing is done, people know it in their hearts! Liu Yingqi was startled, and only then did he realize that the other party had switched to the "voice into the secret" kungfu to talk to himself, and that only he could hear the last few words. For a moment, his face turned red and he stared at the space, not knowing why. The woman laughed again and said, "If my wife could tell you about my wife, she would be worthy of your dead father." Liu Yingqi was about to argue a few words, but he thought that since the other side was talking to him with the "sound into the secret" kungfu, he did not want a third party to hear it, so he had to hold back. Then the man in the fog laughed and said,tin beneficiation plant, "The best is yet to come. We'll see you later." Where the voice falls, the man is far away. After the man in the fog left, the strange man in paper clothes stared at Liu Yingqi and said, "Who is this woman?"? So powerful! Liu Yingqi smiled and said, "I've already said, I don't know!" The strange man rolled his eyes and said, "Don't *** her." When, my master this'mix the sky lock cloud array 'is not you these small. What the younger generation can.. It can be broken! Liu Yingqi smiled coldly and said, "Su Banpiao has such an identity. I didn't expect to use such a despicable trick on some of our younger generations!" The strange man sneered, "My master is trying your skill. If you can't even break this little formation,Portable gold trommel, with him.." As an old man, he naturally disdains to fight with you! Liu Yingqi laughed and said, "That's nonsense!"! Look at the sword! As soon as the voice fell, the man had jumped up, and the sword in his palm split his head to cover the top, and cut straight at the head of the paper clothes. The strange man in paper clothes quickly turned around and said with a strange laugh, "Boy, I don't know whether I'm alive or dead!" As soon as he turned, he disappeared into the rocks around him. Liu Yingqi was about to chase someone with a sword when he suddenly thought to himself that the old man must have lured me into the gate, and I couldn't be fooled by him! So he pressed his sword and retreated, watching and watching. But then he thought to himself, "Just now the elder Baili asked me to use the Liuhe Formation to consolidate this place. At this time, that fellow is not in front of me. Why don't I take this opportunity to arrange it calmly?" As he thought about it, he turned to Cao Bing and said, "Brother Cao, please stand still with the girl, lest that fellow make a surprise attack on Brother Chu. Wait for me to deploy." Together, the figure has jumped out several feet away. With the sword in his palm, he cut down several big trees in succession and laid out six doors, mineral flotation ,gold heap leaching, such as "Gan", "Kun", "Sheng", "Death" and "Water". When he cut down a tree, he suddenly heard a strange roar among the stones, and the strange man in paper clothes suddenly jumped out. Liu Yingqi suddenly waved his sword away, and the strange man turned over and dodged the sword. Between the rise and fall of his body, he had thrown himself in front of Chu Qiuyang, and a pair of strange hands, like bird claws, went straight to Chu Qiuyang's head. Cao Bing, who was standing beside him, shouted, "Ugly ghost, how dare you!" Tiptoe a little, pounced on the man in paper clothes, with a crash, shook off a chain gun, and pricked the strange man's waist and eyes! The strange man Mao Yibo had already got the true biography of his teacher Su Banpiao, and his martial arts were extremely high. At this time, he raised his left hand, and with a "bang", he grabbed Cao Bing's chain gun! Hearing his strange roar, he raised his arms, and Cao Bing was almost thrown up by his company. At this time on the right side of Chu Qingqing a bite of silver teeth, pounced on, palm sword "tired birds return to the forest", a shake outward, straight to the heart of the strange man.
The strange man Mao gave a short cry, "The golden python turned over." He turned around and stretched out his white hand. Chu Qingqing only thought that he grabbed his sword and was shocked. But the strange man just reached out two fingers and pressed them lightly on the bright sword! With the force of this flick and press, he suddenly pulled his body into the air. Cao Bing and Chu Qingqing so fast skill, unexpectedly two kinds of weapons all fell an empty. In a wave of long laughter, Mao fell to the ground again. By this time, however, Liu Yingqi had already laid out the "Liuhe Array", and he took three steps in a row under his feet, and the snake-shaped sword was attacked by lightning! Mao Yibo suddenly jumped back, but after three ups and downs, he could not get out of the door, and for a moment there was a strange roar. But when I saw his body rising and falling, it was as fast as a hare rising and an eagle falling. However, as soon as he tried all kinds of postures, he could not break out of the six-in-one array. Mao Yibo was really enraged at this time, and his body rose and fell like a "frozen fly rushing through the window", leaping in a series of leaps, like a mad tiger. How could this old ghost not know how terrible it was? Only now did he realize that he had been caught in the formation of the other side in a moment of carelessness. Instead of trapping the other side, he was trapped by the other side. He failed to throw out more than ten times in a row, and became more and more furious. As a matter of fact, with all his martial arts and the true biography of Su Banpiao, you just need to settle down, and for a moment, you will be able to see the way of this formation, and you can break out of the formation without any trouble. However, he has a fiery nature and is the most impatient! At this point, it is obvious that the "powder demon" Thyme has found him out and identified his violent personality, so he will be trapped in the "Liuhe Array". There was a sharp roar in his mouth, and instead of trying to break the array, he turned to the four of them. He saw his hands in the white paper clothes in a long whistle, and there was a "Ruyi stick" in his palm. It was the first time that the four people present had seen this kind of weapon, and they were all surprised. It was a short hexagonal stick about three feet long, glittering with gold,sodium cyanide price, with a sharp edge in the shape of a star at one end. When Mao Yibo got the Ruyi stick, he closed his palms and pulled them together, but he heard two "honks". ore-magnetic-mining.com