ABICOR BINZEL is one of the world’s leading makers of handheld and robotic MIG and TIG torches. Our products are designed with the welder in mind, with several customizable features for comfort, durability, and – most importantly – performance. With products hand-assembled in the United States, we create welding products specifically intended to meet your manufacturing needs and your welders’ performance standards.

Our ROBOTIC SYSTEMS line of automated torches and accessories are the standard in automated welding. Able to fit with any robotic arm welding manufacturer, the ABIROB series of air and water-cooled robotic torches can weld up to 500 amps, and our WH series of water-cooled robotic torches come with the quick neck change function for high productivity levels.

Through our co-op with the laser and optics leader Scansonic, our LASER optical and SEAM TRACKING products suit any laser application, including brazing, welding, hardening, annealing, seam tracking, and stable focal positioning.

At ABICOR BINZEL, we are More than Welding

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