Manufacturing Nut Processing Machinery for Almonds and

Pistachios since 1963.

Celebrating 57 years in business, Ripon Manufacturing Company has set the standard of manufacturing commercial grade nut processing machinery.

We strive to maintain an excellent work force, comprised of qualified technicians, engineers, as well as administrative staff. We ensure that our customers receive a quality product that we are proud to stand behind.

Based in the heart of central California, our location allows us to be accessible for hullers and processors throughout the San Joaquin Valley. With our general contracting license, #251698, we produce a turn-key package to our customers of California. From design to installation we provide the most experience and knowledge required to build processing facilities of all sizes.

Operating Hours:

Shipping/Receiving/Parts/Shop:  Mon – Fri: 7am – 3:30pm

Office:  Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm

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